Monday, February 8, 2016

On Inspiration & A Vignette


  1. Great vignette, well done. I used to work in TV repair shops, I can still see the piles of clutter and smell the soldering iron.

    1. My first "real job" was working in a TV Shop, at age 16. Started out as a clerk until the owner found out I knew something about electronics, and put me on the bench.

  2. Set your foot in a dying world. It only needs youth to live (:

  3. good article
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    meanwhile if not now already but soon your laptop or radio may contain chips that will destruct on external command. therefor older radios and pcs be definitely immune from such deliberate harm from outside sources.

    you can disreguard this information until you open up your malfunctioning toy and find up to several critical chips totally cratered useless.

    till then live in bliss